BBFA have the following categories of annual membership:

SERIES 1 : USD 899 per year, EXCLUSIVE BBFA membership in your country.
SERIES 2:  USD 699 per year, just 2 members per country.
SERIES 3:  USD 499 per year, just 3 members per country, except big markets.

Second year with 50% of discount, if your company want exclusive
BBFA membership in your country the cost is USD 899.

The cost of PPP Payment Protection Plan is just USD 300 per year, this PPP plan offers a guarantee that each individual company enrolled within BBFA alliance is covered for claims of pending payments (if any) between active BBFA members of up to USD 10’000.00 per year.

BBFA membership  will be totally FREE, cero cost until march 31th 2017, so, you can prove until 31.03.2017 as a free trial period without obligation to renew.

Join us today and contact us via :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.