Jumbo Kinetic loads 4 heavy barges in Rotterdam

In January this year Jumbo was awarded the contract of transporting 4 barges of 1,100t each from Rotterdam (The Netherlands) to Sabetta (Yamal Peninsula in Russia). The transport was earmarked for Jumbo’s K-class vessel type.

Short loading time
After booking Jumbo’s engineering team liaised with clients engineering team to find the most efficient solution for loading and stacking the barges swiftly and safely. During the loading operations of one barge the other barge was being prepared at a layby berth. This way, the loading time required was significantly shortened.

Staggering of the barges
The total weight of 4,400t prevented the barges to be simply piled up on top of each other, this would be too heavy for the bottom barge. Instead the top two barges were staggered so that their weight was equally divided between the bottom two barges and Jumbo Kinetics’ weather deck, using the vessel's tweendecks to act as loadspreading devices.

K-class family
Both vessels of the K class family, mv Fairmaster and mv Jumbo Kinetic are equipped with two Huisman mast cranes of each 1,500t (combined 3,000t) and are 1A Finnish Swedish ice classed and fully equipped to work in arctic conditions. This, combined with the K-class unrivalled lifting capacity over vessel's port side and lifting stability made the K-class best suited for this job.

© Photo courtesy of Damen

Superyacht "The Samurai" launched

The RollDock STORM was contracted for the launching of the 60-meter-long Superyacht "Samurai".

With extreme precision the Samurai was rolled onboard of the RollDock Storm.
As soon as the Samurai was positioned on deck, the sea fastening of the yacht took place and the preparation for the float-out operation started.

The final stage of the operation took place on day three when the RollDock Storm was being submerged 5 nautical miles outside the port, the Samurai is ready for her maiden float-out at open sea...

Watch the full operation here:

RollDock Sea successfully completes Nassau to Rotterdam voyage

The RollDock Sea loaded the “Dinopotes” Backhoe dredger being 38.54 x 14.95 m as well as 2 Split barges, each being 48.08 x 9.04 m by means of the float-in method for our client Van Oord, and subsequently transported from the collection point in Nassau to the final destination in Rotterdam.

In addition to the above cargo, various other items such as pontoons and containers were loaded onboard by utilization of our onboard heavy-lift cranes.

Heavy transformers transported from Turkey to Georgia

EKIN Heavy & Project Cargo Transportation CO., member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network in Turkey, acted as nominated carrier for an important project shipment from Turkey to Georgia.

The shipment includes transportation of seven transformers with following dimensions:

4 x 220 MVA transformers each 7 x 4.1 x 4.27 m weighing 125 tons
3 x 60 MVA transformers each 5.6 x 3.25 x 4.68 m weighing 83 tons

EKIN provided door-to-door logistics solutions for these challenging dimensions from the collection address in Turkey until the destination address in Georgia given the total distance for this transport to 2000 kilometers.

The services supplied by EKIN included road permission and escort arrangement, various roadworks enroute to prepare and secure the passage of trucks available in both countries, and unloading operations of the transformers with jack and slide system. The transformers were delivered safely to the destination jobsite.

Heavies sail from China and Vietnam to USA

Express Global Logistics (EXG) India, a member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) network in India, completed complex moves for a customer in the power sector by managing 17290 freight tons of project cargo from Penglai, China and Phu-My Vietnam to Newark, USA.

The shipment covered heavy lift modules and HP/LP/IP drums of total 220 heavy lift packages, out of which 20 modules weighing 200 ton each with lowest ones of 70 ton of for each of two drums.

The EXG project team had carried out a thorough cargo study and had engaged MV Pacific Harmony which was fully equipped with required lifting gears. The project specialists of the EXG team displayed meticulous planning, timely co-ordinations with all concern parties up to completions on 24/7 standby and co-ordinated the entire operations in both loading ports.

EXG is a project specialist company established in 1946 with headquarters in Mumbai, and also an asset based company having pan India presence backed by its own fleet hydraulic axles, cranes upto 450 tons, warehouses and other facilities.